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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I include my favorite supplier in my Multi-Source® food bid?
Your current supplier is automatically included in the bid process unless you tell us otherwise. Typically, more than 30% of all savings programs come from current suppliers.
What information do I need to provide?
Provide all the information requested in the BID REQUEST form for best results. We focus on bottom-line savings and an efficient bid process. If we can’t save you money, we’ll tell you right away. If you require help completing the form or wish to discuss your product requirements, please call us.
How do I know my purchasing data is secure?
Strategic Purchasing Services (SPS) has managed purchasing on an outsourced basis for more than 75 food organizations over 25 years. Our seasoned and credentialed procurement team upholds the confidentiality declarations of the National Restaurant Association (Purchasing Managers Group) and American Purchasing Society code of ethics. We commit to never to share confidential information without prior written approval. We are pleased to complete a Confidentiality agreement upon request.
How do I track the progress of my bid?
You will receive a bid confirmation with a tracking number. You are always welcome to e-mail our Support Team for updates. We understand that your bid is important and time sensitive, that’s why most proposals are returned within 7 – 10 business days.
How do I change product requirements or cancel my request?
Each bid request is assigned a unique number. It your requirements change simply submit a new request. Please let us know you wish to cancel a previous bid by emailing our Support Team or texting our Support Hotline “CANCEL” in the subject line. Please include your bid tracking number.
Do you offer a savings guarantee?
We provide a professional service at zero-cost to food service organizations. You are never obligated to buy any product or use agreements negotiated on your behalf. We expect you to buy the right product, at the right price.
Why does ask for my current price?
We ask customers to provide current pricing for several reasons; first, it’s helps expand our price-data base, which enhances our ability to negotiate savings for all participating organizations. Second, it tells us you are serious about working with an established professional buying service.
Do you provide product samples?
We encourage suppliers to send FREE product samples when requested. Often the quality of a product can be determined by a detailed specification with photos, plus manufacturer guarantee. However, requiring samples is always determined by our customers. For custom products, private label programs and R&D development projects sampling is always required.
Describe the Multi-Source bid process.

Only SPS qualified vendors receive bids from the Multi-Source Bid Platform. Before returning vendor proposals, we determine if the supplier is setup in your distributor’s system or available from an established re-distribution service. Then, we finalize your proposal, prepare a transaction summary, with savings projections, and send the documents to you for approval.

Do you accept all bid requests? If not, why not?
A key to product savings is timing purchases to seasonal markets and negotiating prices based on the “true” cost of goods. If the timing of a purchase is not right, then we will recommend placing your bid request “on hold”. Other reasons for not processing a request; a) monthly volume is less than 5,000 pounds b) vendor reports the chain or buying co-operative did not honor a supply commitment, c) “current price” provided is not realistic d) product supply is not available.
What’s the cost?

An administrative fee equal to 3% of the FOB product cost is added to all supplier quotes. Custom product commercialism, your recipe, and private label programs may require a term or volume purchase commitment.   

Why use the service?

Add the resources of an independent purchasing company to discover new suppliers, save time, and generate savings. Access “deals” simply not offered by current suppliers, brokers, group purchasing organizations, and distributors. The Multi-Source Bid Platform (MSBP), built by chain purchasing executives over 35 years, now includes more than 4,000 qualified food suppliers. RFPs are sent to national and regional brands, minority owned suppliers, organic food producers, private label packers, commodity traders, and importers. Take spend performance to the next-level by adding FAB to your bid list.   

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