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Discover Your Food Savings

Schedule Your Free Consultation

We invite you to take the first step toward a more efficient procurement process by scheduling a one-on-one consultation with Founder & CEO, Fred M. Favole, who also heads Strategic Purchasing Services. With decades of experience in foodservice, Fred is passionate about helping restaurant organizations thrive in a changing and competitive market.

Here’s why you should consider scheduling a call with Fred:

  1. Leverage Your Buying Power: We’ll explain how we improve the price-quote process using our Multi-Source Bid Platform.
  2. Freedom to Choose: Our manufacturer database includes a wide range of suppliers not available from distributors, brand suppliers or brokers.
  3. Expert Guidance: With our guidance, you’ll gain insights into commodity trends, buying strategies, start timing purchases to seasonal markets for greater saving & make more informed buying decisions.
  4. Simplified Procurement: Save the hassle of pre-bid analytics and taking bids, as we work seamlessly within your system.  

Ready to Take the Next Step?

During this consultation, Fred will take the time to understand your specific needs and challenges, and he’ll provide you with a few tailored recommendations. Then, you determine if our service is a good fit for your business.

To schedule your call, please click the button below and select a convenient time slot from our calendar.

Thank you for considering the buying support service built and managed by professionals. We can’t wait to contribute to your business.

Fred M. Favole
Founder & CEO, Strategic Purchasing Services and